I feel so good when my skin is in good condition.
Skincare has a magic that makes women happy.
We’ve believed so.
We ATORREGE AD+ think about skin’s natural power, and approach to various troubles
and lead to get healthy skin.

Skin is so honest.
May your blossom smiling keep forever.

Do you have “sensitive skin”?

If you put a check mark,
you may have sensitive skin?!
  • When I’m busy, my skin tend to get rough.
  • When my body feels tired, my skin also feels irritated.
  • Skin gets dry at changing of the seasons.
  • I have acne before my period.
  • When I feel stress, my skin also gets unstable.

What is “sensitive skin”?

We live in the environment where is not good condition for skin while we are receiving irritation.
When we have fatigue and stress building up, skin (barrier function) are susceptible.
Barrier function will be disturbed, and skin will be easily received irritation.

Causes by “irritation”
and “environmental change”.
For example Ultra Violet Irregular lifestyle Stress
May lead to various skin troubles.
Roughness Itchiness Dryness Acne
sensitive skin
“Turnover”, a new cell is born may be disturbed and barrier function will be defective. And the skin will be easily received external irritation.
healthy skin
Barrier function is fine, and it keeps the skin moisturized. Hardly affected by irritation.


Since an encounter with a person who had skin troubles 20 years ago,
ATORREGE series were born as skin care products for sensitive and dry skin.
Since the birth for being beautiful healthy skin, we ATORREGE AD+ has features as high functional skincare series which have been developed under sensitive skin’s research.

ATORREGE AD+ Feature 1.Versatile skincare getting close to your skin “ATORREGE AD+ Approach System” .
Dedicated Care facing to each trouble.
Face to your skin and select necessary care for you. And it leads healthy beautiful skin for future.
ATORREGE AD+ Approach System

Approach diversely to various troubles such as dry on many sensitive skin and rough skin caused by environmental changes. This is original skin care theory of ATORREGE AD+ which will make skin grow to non-irritated healthy skin. Prepare your skin environment for moisturized skin with selecting items which are suitable to your skin condition while thinking about skin's natural power. And it will support healthy beauty for tomorrow.

What is the best care for you?
Check your skin Type.
ATORREGE AD+ Feature 2.Original low-irritant formulation for Sensitive Skin.
Prepare your skin environment with naturally-derived moisturizing ingredients.
Low-irritant formulation for sensitive skin, selecting each “naturally-derived moisturizing ingredients” are compounded by original balance. It will gently deliver moisture to the depth of horny layer and prepare skin’s environment.
Beauty IngredientHamamelis Virginiana
(With Hazel) Extract
It is said that Hamamelis Virginiana Extract including Hamamelitanin has a function of giving moisture, and lead to healthy skin.
Beauty IngredientGlycine Soja (Soybean) Extract
It is said that Glycine Soja Extract including Isoflavones gives firmness to skin and have a function of leading to hydrated skin.
Functional moisturizing ingredientPlacental Protein
High moisturizing effect compounded with Amino Acid, Mineral, Vitamin and Enzyme. It is said that they lead to fresh hydrated beautiful skin.
Functional moisturizing ingredientSodium Hyaluronate
It has a moisture retention capacity of 6 liters at 1 g, and it is a very high moisturizing ingredient. It is said to give firmness to your skin.
Additionally, various naturally-derived moisturizing ingredients those can be smoothed into skin are compounded.

・Glycyrrhiza Glaba Extract ・Cladosiphon Okamuranus Extract 
・Perilla Ocymoides Extract ・Tamarindus India Seed Extract 
・Natural Gluco-oligosaccharide ・Yuzu Ceramide ・Ectoin  etc.

ATORREGE AD+ Feature 3.Original technology “Nanotechnorogy”
With our original technology, it gives moisture to the depth of horny layer.
We ATORREGE AD+ succeeded in developing “Nanocapsule (cell membrane-like substance) technology” that deliver moisturizing ingredients to the depth of horny layer.
Nano-sized capsules retaining Ingredients such as Natural Vitamin E, Sucrose and Amino Acid which make up skin will deliver into the depths of horny layer and give hydrated moisture and firmness.
ATORREGE AD+ Feature 4.Thorough research how to be gentle into skin.
Such as carrying out In-house cell test to all items by using as our original strict standard, we research thoroughly how to be gentle into skin.
We ATORREGE AD+do not only the designating ingredients and Allergy Test but also we verify thoroughly originall developed In-house cell test for sensitive skin set as our original strict standard which had been developed.

Carry out In-house cell test set as our original strict standard.
We carry out our original test to all items and also do Allergy Test. We add ATORREGE AD+ into cultivated human cell, and we verify whether the cell will have damage or not.

Taking Water and Clean manufacturing environment into consideration.
We use water as the same level of making injection, and produce by high production system under thoroughly hygiene control such as blocking out any dust in microns.

Free of four and Weak Acidic
We thoroughly do “Free of four” and “Weak Acidic”. (Some products may not be in this condition because of the product’s function.)

Key points how to get healthy skin.

Accumulate “Beauty” every day with
basic 3 Step skincare.

  • Cleanse & Wash
  • Moisturize
  • Protect

For "sensitive skin", you need to do basic 3 steps skincare carefully every day. The 3 step items of ATORREGE AD+ have been developed while thinking not only the gentleness to the skin but also the texture and the feeling of use. Simple care, so easy to continue everyday. It’s a shortcut to healthy beautiful skin.

Believer’s Review

It is easy to use in busy morning as this product is hydrated smooth to skin and penetrate so quickly. I really like the texture and I love it.

(Female in her 30s.)

This product can be used for sensitive skin with no irritation. I’ve used sensitive skincare products but I’ve never had such a moisturizing feeling when attached.

(Female in her 30s.)

I love the gentle texture and moisturizing feeling. It penetrates quickly and makes skin bounced, I really like it. I am already a believer of ATTOREGE AD+. I do not change it to any other products.

(Female in her 40s.)

I didn’t like any hydrated lotion because they were sticky after applying, however I like the lotion of ATORREGE AD+ as it is not sticky and the texture is like penetrating into skin. Even if I apply enough amount of lotion, skin will be finished pleasant feeling. It’s so good!

(Female in her 30s.)

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