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What is Sensitive Skin? What are the causes? What are some tips for care?

When we have fatigue and stress building up, skin conditions get worse
When touching something, skin gets red and irritated
Itchy and dry
When using new cosmetics, skin becomes inflamed

I probably do have sensitive skin if

About 70% of people seem to think that they have sensitive skin.
There are various types of ‘Sensitive Skin’. The followings are main types of sensitive skin.
What is your type?

The triggers of irritation, itch, eczema are coming from various reasons
such as dryness, clothes and jewelry touches, air pollution and aging, etc.
However, the reason of becoming sensitive skin is in common. It is

“Damage of Barrier Funcion”

Barrier Function?

You’ve probably heard about it before.
The skin is the body’s surface, and our skin always receives external stimuli
such asdryness, dust, pollen and air pollution.

Barrier Function protects skin from the external irritants.

And also the Barrier Function prevents escape moisture that is natural skin originally has.

If you have “sensitive skin”, it means the Barrier Function is disturbed.

Skincare for sensitive skin.

What kind of skincare is important for working the Barrier Function properly for sensitive skin?

1. Keep your skin clean.

Firstly, it’s important not to leave any stimulator on skin as they may cause rough skin. Wash your skin carefully. Do not rub. Keep in mind to wash gently.

2. Keep needed moisture and oil to your skin.

Damaged barrier function that is the same as sensitive skin do not work properly such as it may not keep natural moisture ingredient or prevent escape moisture in the skin. Give moisture with a lotion first and apply milky lotion or cream for staying hydrated.

3. Protect your skin from the external irritants.

The skin consists of few layers. The horny layer is the outermost layer which protect from the external irritants. For supporting the function, you need to use oily cream and protect from irritation.

4. Relieve inflammation.

You need to use anti-irritant cosmetics for sensitive skin as daily skincare. However, the inflammation may occur even if you do skincare carefully. In that situation, we recommend you to go to a dermatologist.

5. Preserve the Barrier Function.

It’s important to keep moisturizing for preserving barrier function. Moisturizing skin keeps healthy skin which maintains hydration and moisture so that it prevents skin from extrinsic stimuli.

6. Keep the normal bacterial flora of the skin properly.

Staphylococcus epidermidis, Staphylococcus aureus and propionibacterium acnes, etc., various normal bacterial flora exist in the skin. These bacteria keep balance and maintain healthy skin. However, if their balance is lost, it will cause acne or rough skin. For keeping balance of normal bacterial flora, it’s important to do right skincare and keep regular routine such as taking a good sleep and a meal, and preserve skin environment.

7. Relieve stress.

Stress affect your skin. When we feel stress, we generate active oxygen in the body, and injure cells. And it makes skin aging. The immune strength may be also going down, and acne will be getting worse. Let’s have an orderly lifestyle while relieving stress as much as you can.

Somebody might be sensitive to skin on changing seasons and their physical condition.
It’s important to know your suitable skincare, and do prompt action.