Skincare Information

Cleansing for Sensitive Skin.

Moisture Cleansing is a shortcut to beautiful skin.

Most people know the importance of moisture. But it’s also important the way of cleansing for sensitive skin.
If you don’t do the right cleansing, it may cause skin troubles.

Now, we’ll explain some points how to choose the right cleanser for sensitive skin and how to cleanse your skin.

First of all, you need to take care not to affect the skin.
We recommend to cleanse with water or tepid water that may not affect the skin.

Especially for sensitive skin, we recommend water-based Gel Cleansing.
Water-based Gel is not contained much oil than Oil-Gel Cleansing, so that when washing no need to worry about letting needed sebum take away. And skin is thoroughly cleansed by Gel Cleansing with refresh feeling.

After using it, use the cleanser contained moisturizing ingredients which make skin moisturized.

How to use the Cleanser.

It’s important to select suitable cleanser to your skin and do not rub skin.

Use appropriate amount.

<Cream・Gel> About 4g=Bigger size of 2pcs of cherry.
<Oil> About 3mL=1 Teaspoon full
<Lotion> Pour Lotion to soak a facial cotton sheet

Use enough amount so that your fingers will not touch directly on the skin. Cleansing products work as cushion and reducing friction which may cause troubles to sensitive skin.
Enclose make-up and sebum, and remove lightly.

When applying the cleanser, spread it onto skin without moving face’s surface.

If you rub with your hand, it may give damage to sensitive skin. Apply the cleanser gently to skin without rubbing, enclose make-up and dirt of sebum.

When washing your face, take care not to rub your skin with your fingers and palm, wash with water and tepid water gently.

Tepid water around 30℃ is standard for washing face.
If you wash with hot water and dry skin with towel, water evaporates immediately, and it may cause dry skin worse. Be careful.

The cleanser is for cleansing oil-based dirt. After cleansing, foam the facial cleanser fully and wash with the foam gently.